Anker Astro E1 5200mAh

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Smaller capacity power banks are still the most preferred version of power banks because they’re so so portable and capable at the same time. It makes sense for more charging electronic companies to put more of their time into developing power banks that are meeting super portable needs of their customers and that’s what this Astro E1 charger is able to achieve.

Coming from Anker, this Astro E1 Power Bank charger is supposed to deliver a well-rounded powering package that can be taken nearly anywhere.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of the Astro E1 is what this charger is most known for. The Astro E1 features a power capacity of 5,200mAh. However, the real capacity that you’ll be receiving is 3,700mAh; It’s just a little lower than the real capacity and we’re really glad about that considering that many power banks lose quite a lot of their capacities during charging. With that said, the power capacity is really meant to charge smartphones and any other devices that have batteries within the 3,000mAh or lower range.

3.7 x 5,000 = 18,500 / 5 = 3,700


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Charging tablets like an iPad is definitely possible but expect the tablet to only be charged 2/4 or 3/4 of the way through to its full charge. Other than that, you can expect the power capacity to do very well for smartphones that have medium sized battery capacities at 2,000mAh. As a result, the power bank can last with a charge for about a day or even two if you choose to charge your smartphone fully only once with it a day.

How many times will the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh charge my device?

iPhone 5s 2.2 times
iPhone 6s 1.9 times
iPhone 7 1.7 times
Samsung Galaxy S6 1.2 times
Samsung Galaxy S7 1.2 times
Samsung Galaxy Note7 1 times
Sony Xperia Z 1.5 times
HTC One M7 1.5 times
iPad Mini 0.6 times
iPad Air 2 0.5 times
iPad Pro 9.7 0.5 times
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 0.6 times



Technical Details

Manufacturer Anker
Size 3.8 × 1.7 × 0.9 in
Weight 4.16 ounces
Type Power Bank
Charging Capacity 5200 mAh
USB ports 1
Colors Black, Blue, Red, White


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Output Charging (5V/2.0A):

The small power bank features only a single Output USB charging port, so this is really a single use portable charger. The Output charging speed of the Astro E1 is 5V/2.0A; it’s standard fast charging and will charge your smartphone or any other device that you connect to it relatively fast. Just to compare. Most mini power banks have a charging speed of 5V/1.0A, which is nearly the slowest charging speed. In this case, you can expect your smartphone to charge as fast as it does with a wall charger.

Tablets like iPad may not charge at full speeds but 2 Amp charging is definitely better than 1 Amp charging.

Input Speed (Recharge):

The recharging speed of the power bank is 5V/1.0A. A slow charging speed, indeed. However, considering the power bank’s capacity is relatively low, it doesn’t affect the experience with it that much. You can fully charge the power bank in about 5 hours. If you really strategized, you can recharge it during the day and still use it that same day. In my opinion, having a 5V/2.0A recharge speed would have been much better because the recharge rate would have doubled and the power bank would be fully charged within 2.5 hours.



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Size and Weight:

The Astro E1 is a power bank that is sitting at the edge of being considered mini. The Astro E1’s dimensions are really good by measuring at 3.8 inches of length1.7 inches in width and a thickness of 0.9 inches. The weight of the portable charger is 4.2 ounces, so it’s extremely lightweight. It’s a perfectly manageable small power bank that won’t give you a hard time if you’re holding it and it can easily fit into any bag. When it comes to putting the power bank into your pocket, that’s when the portability can be quite difficult. Most mini power banks have no problem fitting into pockets because they’re cylindrical and small. In this, it’s mainly the thickness of the power bank that makes it hard to put the portable charger into your pocket.

Functional Components:

The form factor of the charger is done very well. It has a capsule-like shape with no straight edges and easy access functional components. The Output and Input port are on a side panel. There’s a power button on the side of the charger and 4 LED power indicators at the top of the power bank. The charging habit of the power bank acts the same way like most portable chargers from Anker. Just like the Powercore 5000 that we’ve reviewed, the Astro E1 begins charging automatically without needing to press the power button. So the power button is mainly used if you want to check what’s the capacity on the power bank.


Here are what the power indicators mean at each of their levels:

  • 1 LED Light Blinking – less than 25%
  • 1 LED on and One Blinking – 25 to 50%
  • 2 LEDs On and One Blinking – 50 to 75%
  • 3 LEDs on and One Blinking – 75 to 99%
  • 4 LEDs on means the power bank charger is full

The Astro E1 turns itself off automatically after not charging anything about 5 seconds later. I really like this kind of design because the user experience is very smooth and it’s basically like using a wall charger but you’re not using a wall charger. Instead, you’re free to this power bank nearly anywhere you want and take advantage of its small and easy to use design


Structure and Material:

The Astro E1 is made of plastic and that’s to be expected from a lot of power banks. With that said, the portable charger is built nearly perfectly just like Anker’s other charging electronics. There are 3 main pieces of the power bank: The large center and the two side panels. The panels are placed very well and there’s no sign of warping even after constant use.

The components of the power bank are constantly reliable and functional. Especially the USB charging output port with its stronghold onto the charging cables that are connected to it; as a result, there’s less worry that your charging cable will be unplugged from the power bank. The LED power indicators work perfectly even with their blinking features to give you a more pinpoint estimate on what the power capacity of the power bank is.

Like many mini power banks, they’re built strong and optimized for everyday use. The same goes for this Astro E1. By being small, its efficiency is able to be maximized. With a weight of 4.2 ounces; dropping the charger won’t do much damage and considering that its charging ports are depressed into the power bank and not an on an outward facing panel, you can expect this portable charger to take the everyday things that life has to offer.


Along with the strong physical build of the power bank, it features safe charging technology like Surge Protection, Over-Current Protection, Low Voltage Protection and auto sleep mode. Most of the safety features are basically standard nowadays with power banks, but the auto shut-off feature is something that should become more common, because if you’re not using a power bank then it should shut off automatically. This is to save energy and to make sure the power bank doesn’t cause harm to itself or to its surroundings.


Mini power banks are reliable in their own small world. In this case, the Astro E1 is one that is most reliable when it’s used for what it was made for. The power bank is made for on-the-go purposes and this means that it’s meant to be taken for a walk if you’re out playing Pokemon Go. Most of all, it’s a power bank that’s meant to be used by single person. It’s not just because the power bank features only a single charging port, but it’s also because it has a capacity of 5,000mAh only. Sure, you can share it, but the power capacity is going to be depleted very quickly.

To make this portable charge the most reliable, it’s best to use it on smartphones only and to be the sole user of it. It’s a step above from just your regular mini power bank but doesn’t expect it to be breaking any record. The most it can last is for 2 days straight before it needs to recharge again. This power bank is perfect for traveling and everyday use. But I don’t recommend using this power bank for an Outdoor Week Adventure.

It has the ability to go anywhere, charge fast, and deliver just enough power capacity to keep you going further.



  • Fast Charging Speed
  • Very Portable
  • Great User Experience


  • Slow Recharge Speed
  • Could be More Slim


From its stark design to its versatile power delivery, the Astro E1 portable charger is able to deliver on the brim of what a mini power bank is supposed to deliver on. We think that this power bank and the PowerCore 5000 are ushering in a new age mini power banks. Fasting charging, high power capacity for its size and great design that delivers an exceptional user experience. This is a model of what mini power banks should be like and what they can be capable of in the future.